PhD life in US and UK: First months

The application season is upon us yet again. Soon, thousands of students will try to make a decision of whether to go to the UK or the USA for graduate school. Two months into my PhD in Neuropharmacology at the University of Cambridge, UK seemed to be a good time to write a comparison between… Continue reading PhD life in US and UK: First months

Does White Matter Matter?

Our brain is roughly 50% white matter and 50% grey matter. Anecdotally, people believe grey matter is the “seat of intelligence”. In the scientific community, grey matter was traditionally thought of as the hub of computation while white matter for information transfer. This belief was based on several studies that showed changes in grey matter… Continue reading Does White Matter Matter?

Interviewing for Neuroscience PhD Programs

Anyone who has applied for graduate or professional schools know that secret societies still exist. They make up the admissions committee of the countries’ most reputed graduate or professional programs. What impresses them? What is a red flag? How important are GREs? are the questions applicants discuss through 100s of pages in application forums like… Continue reading Interviewing for Neuroscience PhD Programs

Voltage Clamping Xenopus Oocytes

We have all heard that research is about things not working. How you cope with it, however, is a completely different issue. Wise (wo)men say that the key to coping is patience. This is in no way a simple instruction because “patience” is one of the trickiest words with a diverse range of definitions. Journey… Continue reading Voltage Clamping Xenopus Oocytes