Naked Mole Rat

These fascinating animals apparently do not feel pain.  Why? How are their neural circuitry different from other organisms? Neuroscientists are hot on those trails.

Weird and Fascinating Creatures

The naked mole rat, also known as sand puppy or desert mole rat, is a very strange looking animal. It is a rodent that has become hairless, with a tubular and wrinkled body. They are approximately the size of a teacup. David Attenborough has aptly called them sabertoothed sausages 🙂

Although these creatures are mammals, they live in communities similar to those of insects like termites or ants. Their social colony is led by a large queen who is the only one to breed and bear young. She is twice as heavy as her subjects/children and in a state of near continuous pregnancy. Sometimes a daughter is born who becomes a princess. This individual has a pampered life in the colony, until it’s time to start her own colony. She then leaves the burrow in search of a suitable mate. The workers on the other hand dig burrows and tunnels…

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