Wish I knew what’s going on in your head

Worried your boss is mad at you? Don’t know what to get your girlfriend for Christmas? Wish you could get a peek at their brains? Look no more! Karl Deisseroth and his colleagues from Stanford are here to rescue you. That’s right they have developed a technique called CLARITY (Clear, Lipid-exchanged, Acrylamide-hybridized Rigid, Imaging/immunostaining compatible, Tissue hYdrogel) that makes the brain transparent and you can see all the neural connections. Take a look!

They just insert some hydrogel monomers into an intact rat brain let it polymerize and siphon the lipids and stuff out. After 2 days, they see right through the brain! Freaky right?

It’s true that it has not been done on humans, let alone live humans, which means for now you have to deal with your troublesome boss and/or girlfriend. But have faith! The day when you can just sneak up to a person, CLARIFY their brain, see their neural circuitry, do some simple electrophysiological experiment and predict their next move ( all with their permission of course ;)) might not be that far away.

For the serious folks out there.. check out the actual article here:



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